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parks to health care to education. this measure would get san francisco city government into the business of making home loans. this is part of what brought on the economic crisis at the federal level, fannie mae and freddie mac giving out home loans to people who couldn't afford to buy and later had their houses foreclosed. we don't know what's going to happen in the housing market for the next 30 years. i think it's foolish to set aside increasing set amounts of money for the next 3 decades when we know right now that there's thousands of people living on the streets. why not just build as many affordable units now as possible and do that by getting government out of the way with all its red tape and regulations and taxes and union work rules that increase the cost of housing. that would be a better way to get affordable housing, not bringing back this redevelopment agency with its legacy of driving african americans out of the fillmore and they had slated more than half the bay area for redevelopment before they were shut down. >> anything you'd like to add, peter?
. city college of san francisco has 9 campuses in the city and serves approximately 100,000 students each year. the state has reduced funding to ccsf by core academic courses, provide work force training, provide an education that prepares students for 4 year universities, keep city college libraries and student support services open, keep technology and instructional support up to date, and offset state budget cuts. i'm here with alyssa messer, an english teacher at city college of san francisco. she's the ppt of aft2121, the faculty union, and a proponent of proposition a. also joining us is starchild, a local activist with the libertarian party of san francisco and a former candidate for the san francisco school board. he's an opponent of the measure. thank you both for taking the time to be with us today. >> thank you. >> alyssa, i'd like to give you the opportunity it share the thoughts of your position. >> so proposition a is a temporary 8-year, $79 parcel tax on properties in san francisco. and that money would go directly to supporting city college of san francisco. city colleg
and have more of a discussion about what else the city can do to help the school district reach that objective? and i know that there is additional supportal funding that supervisor kim has introduced. and a number of us are supportive of that. but i would like to have an even greater discussion that goes beyond the specific amount of money. but what else is it that we can do to collectively reach that objective? because to the extent that resources are a big problem here, is there -- are there additional things that the city can do with the resources that we do have to help in this effort? and to me, that discussion will also involve a discussion about what different city agencies, what role they can play in this effort? you know, what is it -- what kind of support system is needed to help a student achieve academic success? and academic success doesn't just happen in the classroom. it's something that requires an entire community school district has the responsibility to make it happen. so i would like to figure out how we as a city and county can be even more helpful
in san francisco because san francisco is one of the most innovative cities in the galaxy, and it's a very great place to be the home of the challenge america summit, the first-ever challenge america summit. so it's now my job to introduce our first speaker of the night, who is going to officially kick off the first-ever challenge america summit, somebody who has been verylfe instrumental in creating a movement around innovation in san francisco. just a few months ago, announced october as innovation month inla whole lot of work on, you know, creating a@g real ecosystem for entrepreneurs, for governments, for everybody to create new ideas and new innovations. please join me in welcoming mayor ed lee to the floor. >> [applause.] >> thank you. thank you, josh. welcome, everybody. now that i know where i'm at, i want to welcome all of you, i want to of course thank the night challenge -- night rover challenge, nasa, of course, for being here. i also want to thank s.p.u.r. again for hosting it. you know, when i started working with s.p.u.r. many years ago, i knew they were a spacey pe
. san francisco is the only city allowed to park its water in a national park. a hundred years we made that decision and bee think every hundred years san francisco should revisit that decision. there's no down side to that. but you can't do that without also reforming our 19th century water system. it was designed in the 19th century and as a result it's very damaging to the environment. what we do is look at how do we consolidate from 9 reservoirs into 8 and begin to build our local water resources to offset a small percentage of water loss that might happen. let's figure that out. let's not have a conversation based on hypobole, in terms of sean saying there are 7 reports saying it's not feasible, that's not true. what's unfortunate about all those is the city of san francisco has boycotted participating in those studies. san francisco says, wait a minute we have a unique responsibility here. we're the only city that stores our water in a national park so let's see how we can do better because we don't do a very good job. orange county recycles 30 million gallons of water a da
in city government do not come from the politicians. they come from all of you. i want to thank spur for helping to convene not just the smartest people in san francisco, but the smartest people from around the world to help us figure out how to innovate. it is my honor to introduce the first award thee of this evenin. this is a very unique award. this is the lifetime achievement award. mfac has to select one individual out of 26,000 who best exemplifies what service is to our city. when i was first elected to office, i asked a lot of people, literally hundreds of people, who is the smartest person in government. with all due respect to the other smart people in this room, there was one name that came up over and over again. that was our awardee. whenever i have a question that was difficult to answer, i would ask my staff, who are we going to call? the same name always came up. it was our awardee. i'm going to tell a story that has not yet been told publicly, but i'm going to share it today. in late 2010, when the board of supervisors, when we were casting around for someone to play
of the faith. for the jews, it's the city of david. for me, it is the city in which jesus died for us and rose again from the dead. this is the beauty, but also the paradox and sometimes the tragedy of jerusalem: one city; two people; three religions. it could thus be a wonderful sign of oneness for which the whole world strives, a situation of peace or a sign of opposition. narrator: as a place of religious significance, jerusalem has few equals. but the conflict here is more about nationalism than religion. the modern story begins with upheaval not here, but in europe. in the 1930s, a growing number of zionist jews immigrated to palestine in search of a homeland safe from nazi and other persecution. they dreamed of a jewish state. but the lestin wanted their own state, too. after world war ii, the united nations proposed dividing palestine into a jewish state with slightly more than half the land, and a palestinian state with 45%. jerusalem and bethlehem were to have special status under united nations jurisdiction. in 1948, the pace quickened. at midnight on may 14, the british withdrew. so
work that happens in the city and also to honor the individuals who are responsible for some of that success. congratulations to all of our honorees. we're very grateful for your work. let's give a hand for them. [applause] the good government awards also support spur's good government work. it is a central part of our mission. our agenda is admittedly ambitious. we analyze every local measure on the san francisco ballot, which until recently was a pretty formidable task. we participate in most of the major issues of city government from pension and payroll tax reform to some of the most important discussions on how we fund a lot of our public services, whether that finding different revenue streams for our parks, are trying to find new ways to fund public transportation in the city. we're very happy to be working with mayor lee and the board to address a lot of these issues. this will clearly be a busy year for us. another component of our work is connecting the city's robuspro o assistance with our many business partners. this is a core part of mfac original purpose in san
that this is supposed to be city operations and neighborhood services, i'd like to make two suggestions as reported in the examiner, first one is titled fraud hot line for elections and the second one is cancer rate for female firefighters in san francisco, and my last comment, protect the four supervisors, thank you. >> any other members of the public wish to comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. can we send this item forward with recommendation? that will be the order. mr. clerk, any other items in front of the committee. >> there are no more items, mr. chair. >> then with that, we are adjourned. >> welcome to the regular meeting of the san francisco ethics commission. >> submissioner sierra. here. >> submissioner leeann whiffen. >> commissioners rennee have been excused. >> i want to talk about the decision to hear and take possible action on the complaints. mr. chat field who is not here, wrote mr. shaw in may, the ethics commission regularly handles referals from the task force, however it will not ajudd kate these matters, in both complaints. he repeated that
the following monday with the city government. and then scott helgey's open house november 15th and december 17 sergeant council of district merchants holiday party, location to be determined at this point. >> commissioners, first scott's calendar [speaker not understood], there is an invitation in the back of your binder. >> and that concludes my report unless you have any questions. >> thank you very much. next item. >> item 10 is permitting committee report. >> we had a presentation planned for the last permitting committee which had to be canceled due to the family emergency on the part of the presenter. so, we elected to cancel the meeting until next month, so, no report. >> commissioners, item 11, president's report. >> okay. first off, i did attend the renaissance entrepreneurial center event at the bently reserve. a lot of kudos for this office. i was very pleased that i was hearing from that, not only from renaissance, but from a lot of their i want to say perspective entrepreneurials who said that they -- jane and martha in particular, names kept coming up as soon as they found out th
of an enabler this body has been, it enables city bodies and personnel to evade their daoulties under the law and to hide that from public scrutiny. the whistle blower laws are not be used to protect the whistle blower but to protect the target. they are being used to hide the true facts of the investigation and to allow the city agency and employees to evade their actions. they hide the extent and the validity of the investigative process used by the ethics staff and the public records law are always intended to disclose rather than conceal public matters. instead these laws are purposefully misinterpreted to protect the agencies in question but also the ethics staff. as far as you not having a conflict of interest, let's look at the arts commission when they got the report from the civil grand jury that listed what they had done, including spending $300,000 on things that they had no legal authority to do so. charging fees, that they had no legal authority and fire the cultural director and replace the head of the commission. the bottom line is if you were a commission and you were in charg
i contacted, small firms advisory committee, we look forward to the city and county of san francisco passing this ordinance and for the mayor to sign it. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. [speaker not understood]. >> commissioners, this is a pretty complicated situation. and in order to go and fully understand this lbe situation, you have to have a good grasp of the labor project agreements and that is why it's good that you have one of you sitting there as a commissioner who can give input about the labor project agreements. now, when we had the water system improvement project, unfortunately, we in san francisco, meaning lbes and many employees did not benefit from many of the job opportunities. and even at the tail end, what was given to us were jobs where nobody else could do it. and i can relay this project by project, and i have before harlan kelly, ed harrington, karen cubic, tyrone ju, and they kind of understand about this situation. now, what we have here is we have the hrc abruptly transferring compliance officers who deal with lb situations and other compliance
anybody... do you know that? >> do you know? >> i believe that it was the city attorney's office that was asked to handle this matter. >> the investigation. >> the investigation, yes. >> thank you. i am so sorry. i am lisa herrick and i was asked to review the referal from the sunshine task force, sunshine ordinance task force and i agree with mr. gibner that i am not sure that there is a legal authority under the procedures that your commission has in reviewing these referals from the sunshine ordinance task force to refer that to another adjudicatory body completely. it is one thing to have a staff person to review in place of ethics commission staff and you know, conform the analysis, based on proceedings before the task force. i think that it is another to send the ultimate decision to another body. >> it is actually being transcribed. on the screen. >> miss herrick, thank you for your time and i have a couple of questions about your response. does that mean... are you aware of whether the san jose ethics commission has ever handled either on an advisorry basis or otherwise c
, section 4.105 a, states. any person can file a complaint with the ethics commission alleging that a city officer or employee has engaged in improper activity by, again, violating campaign finance lobbying, conflicts of interest, or government ethics laws, regulations. the difference between them is that the complaints can be filed under 4.105 a. alleging many different violations of improper activities but under 4.105 d, not all of them are investigated pursuant to procedures in c3699-13. so the whole thing in my opinion is moot. . i believe that miss herrick, may have also have wrongly claimed that the california evidence code 1040, and its definition of official information, may have been misquoted and she may have incorrectly relied on deputy city attorney improper letter to the sunshine ordinance task force in which he wrongly combined two or three of dr. derek kurr's complaints under one ball of wax wrongly. he made a mistake when he did that. in section 1040 is not whether disclosure is permitted, it is whether disclosure is forbidden. jerry made that lettering error. how a deput
meeting for the city and county of san francisco home of the national league champions san francisco giants. it is tuesday october 23, 2012. madam clerk can you please call the roll. >> supervisor avalos. present. >> supervisor. >> go giants. supervisor cohen. cohen present. supervisor elsbernd. present. supervisor farrell. present. supervisor kim. present. supervisor mar. present. supervisor olague. present. supervisor wiener. present. and mr. president supervisor chiu is not in the chamber. >> thank you. given that supervisor chu just got married we will excuse her this week and will be excused and will you please join me in the pledge of allegiance. >> pledge one and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> colleagues we have board minutes from the meetings. could i have a motion on approve those minutes? moved and seconded. without objection that will be approved. madam clerk do we have any communications? >> there are no communications mr. president. >> if you could read items one through six.
two simple items to introduce today. the first is the drafting of a request for the city attorney to work with my office on reassessing the public notice requirements for building permits issued in areas pdr zoned 1b. this zoning category was specifically designed during the eastern neighborhood process to designate buffer -- specific design during the process to designate buffer zones and heavy industrial uses and adjacent uses in the bay view. recognizing there is unique relationship in the areas and residential neighborhoods are directly across the street. unfortunately with the demolition of one portion of the property this weekend myself and my constituents discovered there is no public notifications in these zoning categories to alert folks to major demolition or construction work that is taking place immediately adjacent to them. i look forward to working with the planning department as well as the city attorney's office and the neighborhood to create this to address the buffer zones so they have the opportunity of opportunities taking place. the second item that i have
the inspection is given from the city, so all the safeguards in place, we've done significant outreach to this particular tenant upstairs and another tenant e-mailed me back and said everything was fine as far as he was concerned so that's about it, this is nick bovis. >> i wanted to thank everybody for your support and help and the cause from [inaudible] downtown to try to stop all the retailers in making san francisco the same, we appreciate all the help and support and i know everybody tried really hard and the next best thing is to move it and we appreciate your support. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you, any members of the public wish to comment on the item? seeing none, public -- >> could you pass these in, one for the clerk. my name is michael nulty and i'm the executive director of alliance for better district 6, we are a coalition member of the tenant's association coalition which has written a letter of support for the type 48 liquor license at 165 jefferson, the gold dust lounge at fisherman's wharf, we believe the tenant's association coalition supports gold dust lounge
way to invest city funds in the way of good environmental policies but i want a sense of the larger impact of that throughout the city, thank you. >> mr. chairman. >> mr. chairman, members of the committee. a clarification. page five of our report, table 3, we show the improvements -- the funding for the tenant improvements the department has identified we list 1,502,571 as the landlord's contribution to tenant improvements. just to clarify that language. i know the supervisors know that is paid for by the city through repayment to the landlord in rent. so it is really city money that the improves are $1,000,0007 and advancing that so it is not as though the landlord is giving that to the city. the city is paying for it. so the city pays all the tenant improvements. >> is that what the 8% rent as well? 8% as well? >> this is not borrowed money. there is no interest on this 1.5. it is built into the cost and amortized over the period of the lease. >> was that built into the original is this >> it was. the supervisors have approved that. i just wanted to point that out that it is not
baltimore city workerssused toofill up at gas stations that were noo city apppoved.meganngiililand is live downtown with more in good morning guys,city workers ccn uss this gas station on ... street and fiil up at a heaper's one of 18- but a new report shows many workers just aren't using them. them.instead... ttee're cost... and in turn... wasting yourrtaxpayer dolllas. the reporr from the city's iispector general ... shows city workers aateddover 990-thousand dollars on gas cards over tte lst six yyars. it found workers were pumping which on average were 89-cents mayor: weeve already implemented many of thh reforms that are suggested in the inspector general's report and mm hope is tt continue mmvinggforward wiihhthat so we can continue, so e ccn continue to save mmneyy48 in the reporr... the inssector generaa reccmmendssthe gas card program be re-evaluated. to include more restrictions and more downtown, i'mmmeganngilliland, fox45 morninn news. it's our duty to hold our ellcted officials accountable. fox45 waste watch.if yoo have a ssorr about overnment &pwas
. and did not get options. i think it is unusual for a city agency to borrow from a bank. that was one of my questions. i was not presented with any other options at this point. we have looked at the budget, done the value engineering and tried to squeeze every dollar. the reason we are back is we feel this is our only choice to fill the shortfall to start construction. >> if this doesn't pass what will the department of environment do? >> we would have to go back to the drawing board. we would have to look at where we could shave off in terms of architectural design. the problem of course is right now the design is approved, at m.o.d., there are permit costs. if we make significant changes, we would rack up additional costs in architectural design and resubmit. there are financial implications for not getting the money today and having to try to change what the plan is. >> just a question about your campaign you have raised in donations for this upwards of tenant improvements. what was the total amount? >> what we have raised to date -- we have been pursuing two streams of support. one is
that it is hard to imagine what would not be covered in light of yours and the city attorney's of san francisco's description. >> sure. and maybe, internal communications about we are going to meet to discuss this at such and such a time. i don't know if who is assigned to the investigation, if that necessarily would be confidential, or how many people are assigned. i don't know if that will be disclog be too much. i certainly would think that the controller's office would want to explain why it is... or should not be disclosed. >> any other thoughts from the commissioners on this? >> in a theoretical file, not the one at issue, are matters such as the timing of meetings, or strictly procedural matters included in the correspondence files of an investigate oral matter. >> generally strictly procedural, and for example, when you talk about a meeting time, that is embedded within the procedure process, for instance if i am going to meet with a complaintant and you document your notes, i met with this complaintant at this time and here is what we discussed. so you would see it in >> that, i think,
as the city attorney's office and the neighborhood to create this to address the buffer zones so they have the opportunity of opportunities taking place. the second item that i have today is in cosponsorship with mayor lee. it's a proposed term sheet and feasibility analysis of the first phase of pier 70 and along with several other sites were hubs of commercial and maritime activity. the partnership between the port and horton development will facilitate the investment of nearly $60 million into the restoration of six 19th century historic buildings. these buildings are absolutely beautiful. if you have before outside the site and structures it's truly priceless and even in the decaying state they have memories that formed our city's maritime history and our neighborhooded. i couldn't be more excited to move this project forward and create new modern uses and open space and return the space to the active commercial hub it once was. the rest i commit. >> thank you supervisor. that concludes roll call for introductions. >> thank you. let's go to general public comments. >> the next it
conditions. check out antioch. 69 degrees and union city. towards the north bay a nice comfortable day. petaluma. novado. downtown san francisco mid '60s and it looks like oakland will see 66. as we take a look at your weather headlines. sunny, mild. it looks like we will be slightly warmer towards tomorrow. with the decent conditions for the weekend and we have changes for the next workweek. temperatures will be cooling but the potential for wet weather continues. more on that coming out. in the meantime, your kron 4 7 day around the bay we will see warm conditions just in time for the weekend. in the traffic center, yes there is overnight construction but not monitoring in the hot spots. this is the approach to the bay bridge looking decent at all of the approaches. the san mateo bridge is only 13 minutes no problems of the 101/92 interchange. and also looking good coming from marin county. the green on the sensors for the east shore freeway on west 24 it is currently training.-raining-h west-24. towards the south bay near 87 also a little bit of a precipitation but towards the north
report reveals bbltimore city workers wasted pearlyyone millioondollars inn taxpaaer dollars... filling up at gas stations thaa were not city approved. approved.megan gillillnd is live downnown wwth thh latest numbers n today's waste atch report. good morning guys,this is one of 11-government owned gas orkers can come here... ann fill up at cheaper many just aren't using them. them.instead... they'ree choosing convenience over your taxpayer dollars. the inspeetor generaa ... shoos city workersswasted ovee 900-thousand dollars on ggs cards ovee tte last sii years. iitfound workers were pumping gaa at rivate stations... which on average wwrr 89-cents more than city stations. mayor: 26:34 we can'ttfix it, unless we identify it. ann i'm ffcusee oo fixing ii. it.mayor stephaniee rrwlingg-blake wentton to praise the inspecttr gennral spending. and now it's time to do somethhng abbut it. coming uppnext half hour... how the inspector eneral reeommendssfixing the problem. live downtown, i'm megan it's our dutyyto hold our ews. elected officials accountabll. you can do that by
in silicon valley. city council member laura masias says it could be getting worse. >> we could expect as many as 30,000 more people. that has not been approved so we need to plan for it carefully. >> reporter: that would nearly double the number now work in the area. >> i commute 7 miles and it takes me 30 to 35 minutes to get here. >> reporter: but window installer bill parks won't be here for long. his building was just sold to a high-tech company and he will be moving out. >> the little guy is being forced out. >> reporter: the new wave of office projects has mountain view look at a range of transportation options, more shuttle buses and better bike lanes as well as park and ride lots and even futuristic people movers but one option, building high density worker housing, is off the table due to the impact on wildlife like burrowing owls. >> the pressures on our wildlife resources would be so severe, you could probably kiss some of those endangered species good-bye. >> reporter: so for now, people are coming up with their own plans to beat the backup. >> i definitely have given up o
commiting commissioner not a deposit city attorney to review those files i want you to look at those. >> could we turn off that mic? >> i would be prepared to make a motion along the lines of mr. gibner's suggestion if that reflects what you are suggesting >> miss herrick? >> yes. >> yes, i am. >> would you be willing to review the file that the correspondence file to determine whether there are any non-privileged documents there in? >> yes. >> thank you, very much. >> right and we will need to report to the commission explaining the results of your review. if that would be okay? >> certainly, yes. >> to the extent that you find documents that... well let me also ask this question, can we the ethics commission know the volume of the correspondence file with the controller's office? is that something that is publicly disclosable? >> is that question to me? >> i am sorry that is to mr. gibner. >> okay. i think that what you are asking is when miss herrick reviews the documents whatever documents they are, can she then describe them to you in a way that is generic enough not to disclose
as tourists. we are coming up to street to chinatown. since 1957, we are the only city in the world that runs cable cars. these cars right here are part of national parks system. in the early 1960's, they became the first roles monument. the way city spread changed with the invention of the cable car. >> people know in san francisco, first thing they think about is, let's go >> good morning and welcome to the [inaudible] services committee, my name is sean elsbernd. (audio very low and unclear). >> the first hearing is a liquor license on hyde street. >> i'm with the police department. the applicant has filed an application with the california department of alcohol beverage control, beverage license type 42, this is an on-sale beer and wine for 1059 hyde street, the california department of alcohol beverage control seeks the determination from the board of supervisors for the approval or denial. the police calls for service on june, 2011 to june 2012. the police reports during that same period, there was no record [inaudible] this premises is located on plot 542, this is a high crime as defin
elements of sfpark and implement it in the cities. los angeles is working on it. berkeley is working on a project. washington, d.c. is, too. cities are looking at parking management differently than the have in the past. >> later this year, we are gathering all the data we need to evaluate rigorously all our expectations of how this can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, congestion, improve transit speed, reliability, reduc. [applause] >> good evening. i'm the director of transportation. for me, this is not the academy awards. this is the all-star game. the folks sitting over here are truly the all stars of the city. i've had an opportunity to work with ed, harlan, and jocelyn. behalf of all of us. we are also very lucky to have a bunch of people from sfmta, many of them are here. my job is to introduce the awardees. please join me and give a hand for jay primus, george reynolds, steven lee, and lorraine fuqua. >> thank you. this is a tremendous honor. it really does feel fabulous to be recognized. one of the relief fund things about this project is that it is just complex e
tell us he wwssactiveeduty... visiting a &prelative in the city while on leave.if you haveeany &pinformmtion police areeasking you to call them at 410- 396-2100. 3 a new rrport reveals baltimore city workkrs wasted nearly one million dollars ii taxpaaer doolars... filling up at gas ssationn that were not city approvee. approveddtom rodgers has he witt your other top stories.g stories. ciiyy orrers can fill up at cheaper price... aa ny of the p8-government owwed gas new rrport showssmany justtt a pren'ttusing them. them.instead... theyya re &pchoosing convenience over cost... and in ttrn... wasting yyur taxpaaer dollars. the report rom the city's inspector general ... shows cardssover tte last six ears. pt founn workers were pumping gas attprivate stations... which on average were 89-cents more than city stations. mayor: 26:34 we can'ttfix it, unlees eeideetify it. and iim focused oo fixiig it. it.mayor stephanie rawlings-blake ent on to praiss the inssector geneeal for identifying this wastefull spending. and now it's time to do something about t. it's our duty to hhld our
officer says he suffered retaliation and is now suing the city. >> complete bay area yeah news news coverage starts right now. >>> good evening. it is wednesday october 24th. i'm gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news ot 7:00. well, demonstrators are being told to carry shields and the city of oakland is getting ready. a protest planned for tomorrow marks the first anniversary of occupy oakland's vie leapt clash with law enforcement one year ago. new at 7:00 with how the city says things will be different this year. >> well, police are planning to try to keep protesters off the new grass here at franco plaza and they say they will definitely enforce no camping and no violence. >> unforgettable images of tear gas, shattered glass, and anger bubbling over. tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of the violent clash between police and protesters here at franco galo plaza. occupy oakland demonstrations are planned for tomorrow. attendeess are being asked to bring tents and shields. city officials and police who took a lot of criticism for their response last year say this time arou
they are concerned citizens who live in the city and believe more needs to be done about the tactics used by oakland police when dealing with confrontation. video from last year, this time the steps of city hall turned into eye tent city police took action to clear it after city officials believed it to be unsafe and unsanitary. demonstrators post add agenda for today which include a meeting at city hall this afternoon marching through the streets and reestablishing the encampment at frank ogawa plaza. asking supporters to bring tents, warm clothes and friends. last year dozens of police and hundreds of protesters clashed violently. the law enforcement used tear gas and other crowd control methods. the number of protesters diminished with each round of gas. this morning, we found banks and businesses anticipating demonstrations tonight started the boarding up process. not knowing what to expect. again, the group that spoke today said, hey, we don't support that however, we support each group's opportunity to speak and be heard. finally, some of those posting on social media sites talking today's dem
in the city receiving this great award. we're very appreciative, and on behalf of my husband and partner gar and all of our team i want to express what a privilege we feel it is to operate restaurants in what we believe is one of the most beautiful parts of san francisco, golden gate park and ocean beach and as supervisor mar mentioned we have been working diligently for the last 15 plus years not just on these restaurants which are just so close to our hearts and it's the community that we moved to for college and raised our children in, and we feel so proud of not just being able to attract tourists to this world class location, but to also really serve our community. that was always part of our big goal in establishing these venues. the work at ocean beach has been a very significant effort on our part, and it's been a incredible opportunity to work with our san francisco leaders as a community, and the state and federal governments to bring all the different forces together to create an opportunity for stewardship and vision and we are so proud of where we are today and we have a very v
bridge some of the better radar returns along the peninsula shore from foster city towards east palo alto milpitas towards alum rock a little around old adobe road in petaluma along 116 and 12 towards american canyon. this is moving east going to hang around for the morning. increasing sun and warmth by the afternoon 60s at the coast. >>> live shot of the golden gate bridge you can see moisture on the span roadwork at the north end down to one lane northbound two lanes southbound until 5:00 this morning. north 680 pleasanton sunol road accident on the right shoulder no slowing past the scene. construction work northbound and southbound 280 ramps to 880 will be shutdown through the 31st for roadwork. >>> today the giants tie to take take a 2-0 lead in the world series following historic game one victory over the tigers. >> announcer: ball into left, that hits the wall he's homered again! >> that was one of the three homers pablo sandoval hit last night joining babe ruth, reggie jackson and albert pujols as the only player to hit three homeruns in one world series game. the giants beat the
in the beautiful city of san francisco and the state of california where i chose to live, but many california voters are voting with their feet and they are voting with their feet to leave the state of california. they are moving to nevada, texas and other parts of the country where they are less taxed and regulated and less burdened by rules such as calorie count on the menus such as the regulations regarding home care workers, it does not make sense to start a new business here in california. and frankly that is where the taxes come from in most states they come from businesses. as the businesses flee you are going to see the tax base flee and as legislatures such as senator leno continue to pass more legislation that impedes the freedom of business and citizens to exercise their rights you are going to see them vote with their feet and leave california. >> that attorneys me as someone who wants to retire and die in california i don't want to leave the state as a economic matter i don't consider myself to be fairly taxed. i do pay a higher tax rate and i think that is fine. but the people w
of officers getting pay raises. cbs 5 reporter da lin on how it could help the city steer clear of a federal takeover. >> reporter: a joyous time for 16 oakland police officers getting a promotion. not only is it a significant event for the officers and their families, it's also a big day for oakland. [ applause ] >> reporter: city leaders can now check off one of the final tasks to prevent a federal take overof the police force. >> negotiate settlement agreement they wanted to make sure that we had one sergeant for every 8 officers and this move will allow us to make that criteria. >> reporter: mayor quan says the city is now down to three or four tasks before it's in complete compliance with the court's mandate. >> this is a step in the right direction. something that was much-needed. >> reporter: city leaders acknowledge these newly promoted sergeants, lieutenants and captains will face many challenges ahead. this department is understaffed and oakland has seen an increase in violent crimes compared to last year. in fact, forbes magazine named oakland the third most dangerous city in the
frank ogawa camp. city leaders say keeping the space a top priority. oakland mayor jean quan said the city changed how it handle situation. demonstrators will meet outside city hall 3:00 this afternoon. they will march through downtown and return to frank ogawa plaza. >> we have a lot of confidence that we can handle the demonstration and it will be handled fairly. >> organizes are urging people to bring tents, warm clothing, shields and defensive attitude. in a letter mayor quan said there will be no tolerance for overnight camping, violence or destruction. >>> among those injured iraq war veteran scott olsen who was hit with a projectile, recommending disciplinary action against 44 officers including firing two. state law require that a ruling be made within a year of an accident. >>> a hercules teacher was arrested on suspicion of marijuana. they recall there after a worker reported unattended car can engine running in the school parking lot. inside the car police found a pound of marijuana and $4200 in cash. it's unclear if goodman sold drugs to students. >>> tonight san franc
map 3 3 a new report reveals baltimmre city workers wasted &pnearly onn milliin ollars in taxpaaer dollars... fillinn up at gas staaionn that were not ciiy approved. approved..egan gillillnd is live downtown wwth tte latest numbers in today's waste watch reeort. of 18-goveenment owned as ne - workers can come hhre....and ill up at heaper price.. but a new reporr shows pany just aren't usiig them. them.insttad... tey're choosing convenience over cost... aad in tuun... wasting your taxpayerrdollars. the report ffom the ccty's inspector general ... shows city workees wasted over 900-ttouusnd dollars oo gas cards over the last six yeaas. it found workkrs were pumping ggs at private stations... which on average were 89-cents more than city stationss mayyr: 26:34 we can't fix it, unless we identify it. and i'm focused onnfixing t. it.mayor stephanie rawlings-blake went on to praase the innpector geeeral for identifying this wasttful spending. and now t's time to do something about it. coming up nexx half hour... how the inspector general recommends fxing the problem
be a nor'easter or some kind of hybrid. we will talk about that, coming up with the forecast. >> city police are investigating a homicide in south baltimore. the victim is an active duty member of the military. john collins is live outside of city police headquarters with new information. >> baltimore city police are asking for the public's help to catch the killer of u.s. servicemen. they have identified him as 24 year-old alonso gladen. he had been on leave just one day from the navy. he was based in norfolk, virginia. last night as he and the relative to exit their vehicle, police say they were visiting family, two men approached, firing shots. the relative that he was with was unharmed. please do not have a motive and have not identified any suspects and is asking anyone with information to call city police. crime stoppers is also offering a reward. >> meantime, city police are also investigating another light that homicide, this one in east baltimore. officers found the victim, identified as james utley. he was transported to hopkins suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to his
with droppings and molt a court order allows the city to collect friday if they're not removed. i think the thing with me is that i am so sorry when i have done to my neighbors because it's been a circus and this is a good neighborhood they're good people a remorseful apologizing to his neighbors admitting that his true two-story town home has been taken over by birds and is now becoming a public nuisance. >> i'm no longer going to be a quarter and i just want to do what's right. he volunteers with the greater chicago caged bird club delivering cages to his home at 247 shady brook lane the 57 year-old computer repairman says he is concerned about the swelling city of zero aurora price tag for removing the estimated 300 birds not to mention the cleanup. can you imagine what the bill is going to be to clean up the house? it's probably going to be more than the house is worth. >> its security breach at 63 barnes and noble stores around the country including in chicago device's use swipe through europe debit or credit cards in the store have been tampered with their called penn pads and have been b introducing hiisell... to city s &presidents just... two days... after winning with itizens... in... mt. vernon, last night...///. he... spoke for and... told residents... he wants... to heaa from them. "whht i want to do .... hopkins.... takeeyour input and your priooities." will ities." batts says he - come out with a written plan so citizens can hold hhm accounttbbe. went... to.. court e today...//. plaintiffs... ay.... baltimore's... wasting ...millions of tax dollars.... on... controversial contrrcts... for... phones..... aad... maintenance...// still... the mayor... standssby... her... actions.../. melinda... roeder... pws... ii ccurt today - / as... both sides... laidd out their argumentt ...//elinda? city comptroller jjan pratt accuses the mayor's i-t officc... of wastinn millions &ppn tax dollarssby ciumventing the bidding process.aaprocess ppatt says the mayor ignorrd when she choseeto buy a new phone system through aa existing she wants the approve a heaper deal... argging it'll save the city a lot oo cash. that'sswhy ratt
and west bound. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> new this morning, baltimore city police investigating a late night shooting in east baltimore. happened after a 11:00 p.m. near north carolina's streets. the victim was taken to hospital with unknown injuries. city police also investigating a shooting in south baltimore. officers saying the victim suffered from a gunshot wound in cherry hill. police still looking for information on both shootings. >> meanwhile, police are looking for three men they say are responsible for two armed robberies two minutes apart. >> that happened early wednesday morning. that is where jennifer franciotti is live this morning. with three know about these robberies? >> please do have descriptions of the suspects and sale least two of them have guns. the earliest in the morning when police were called to this area of roland park for reports. two people had been involved in separate incidents of our robbery and abduction. the purse top of around 2:00 a.m., a 41 year-old woman was approached by three male suspects, they say she forced her at gunpoi
hits. north and greenmounn: (--eal patss nats beep)one of the cities busiiss orners. (nats &pbus pulls up-quick) wwile a ccty public works crew gets readyyfor hurrrcane sandy. (supervisor)"weepretty much gg into prevennative maintenance mode.."(traffic nats goes by wwile workers work)((craps of ssovel picking up deebis nnts) the cree is clearing clogged stormmdrains. ((ats- scraping (sppctaaor two- watching)"but ttht righttthere looks like -b streets."(dumps debbis- loo on sidewalk nats) (low angle)"thissis basically your problem this hubcap. "(nats- hubcap slldes)the race is on tt clear dirt and debris before tte stoom hits. (" so its like repetitive hh keep going innpullinggout one bottle/ one bottle/ one bottle/"(spectator one ))and if ne sewer likeethis in the city then ttere arr thousands" blockeddstorm drrins an meen... the water backs up (nats- scrrping f goo and the bottle) (andra) smotherr) " yeahhisabel was bad because it of isabel ann it's massive floooing... mottvatee tte crrws. crews hhpe the storm. p3 city public works crews are taking a very pre
and the city center in shambles. city leaders are trying to have a positive outlook on this dubious anniversary. >> they certainly are. they had a press conference to focus on the progress the city has made over the past year. they just put in a new lawn here at franco gawa plaza. they're urging folks not to walk on the lawn for another couple of weeks. with some folks promising to reoccupy the plaza, the city insists it's been prepared. >> reporter: it's been a day of celebration in oakland as the opd promoted 30 officers to take on supervisory roles. >> this is a true oakland renaissance. >> reporter: and city leaders stood on the steps of city hall to proclaim downtown oakland's undergoing a transformation with an increase in sales tax revenue, new businesses, and a newly restored lawn. >> downtown oakland has really become a 24/7 location that's becoming a place that's a center of art. >> reporter: but while progress has been made, many worry we may see a repeat of the destructive demonstrations that took place a year ago. tomorrow's the one year anniversary of occupy oakland and business o
was in kansas city. i remember, i walked out and i -- the stage is -- has just been attached to something. i go flying, legs spread apart. >> splayed. >> splayed is a good one. the stunned audience, gosh this can't be part of the show. i was thinking i'm going to get up and start singing. i'll get them. >> what did you do? >> my conductor was drunk in his hotel room and the band is sitting there, i don't know where the director, your conductor is. i said, you know what, we are gonna try this again in about an hour everybody, let's get that guy. i know, so we have all fallen. even if you fall and are bleeding it is to get up and start laughing hysterically. if you have walked down the street and fallen. that happened to me, my knees were scraped up. like, that's hysterical. i'm dripping with blood, i need bandages and the heimlich, whatever. not the heimlich. you know what i mean. good news for justin and jessica. >> i guess we are going to get a look at the very first pictures from brand new "people" magazine has exclusive look. wow. >> he is flying through the air. she is there. >> her dress i
's interesting. every home crowd and american city thinks they're special. in st. louis last week they think they've got special going on. here in san francisco, crowd has an intangible. it is wowed, loud, and different. it has national media talking. let's show you some video from just moments ago. people walking in. look at the crowd. san francisco nation. very weird at times. there are no individuals. they cheer together, rejoice together. these aren't baseball games, they're happening. >> so excited. it's vibrant and energy. >> we have the weather, the team, diversity. we have people. every population coming out. whatever background is, they're here. >> detroit beat writers are knocking us for having a build a bear. i'm okay with garlic fries and panda hats. i think it's just giving everyone an opportunity to enjoy the moment. that is what we're all about. >> what is the message to detroit and the rest of the world? >> here we are. we're not going away. >> that is right. we're going to detroit after this, if we want to bring bears and hats and wear glitter and dress funny, they're just going
, that's what they do. >> this is very exciting. the city is going nuts. everyone is partying in the streets. it's a great time. >> reporter: while they do not refuse the right to serve those not wearing giants colors, i can tell you, you will stand out if you aren't in them. most bars and restaurants around the park, restaurant and bar owners say they love the postseason. their refrigerators and bars are stocked, and they are certainly ready for the crowds. live in san francisco, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> all right. tickets to be inside the ballpark about $400 to $4,000. >> $400 for standing room only. oh my goodness. >> so it's not a bad option to be at a local bar. >>> inside the park, maybe the most compelling story line for the giants this season, the barry zito revival, and he is pitching tonight. >> but it won't be easy. zito and the giants are facing one of the top pitchers in all of baseball. let's bring in jaymee sire from comcast sportsnet as we count down to the first pitch. >> this marks the first time that two cy young award winners will face off in ga
and the city of san bruno for project number cuw 301 03. the proposed amendment will extend the term of the agreement for 18 months with no additional funds required. h, accept the work performed by a roos construction company & associates for contract wd 263 4, approve modification no. 3, increasing the contract by 344,118, and authorize final payment to the contractor. i, accept work performed by a ruiz construction company for a total contract amount of 1,9 79,86 6 and authorize final payment to the contractor. * j, authorize and ratify the execution of the extension of the joint exercise of powers agreement with the bayshore sanitary district through december 31st, 2012. k, approve commission appointment to the san joaquin tributaries authority commission. mr. pilpher has -- >> i'll use my time wisely. several items starting with 9e on page 16, the commission office address is still the market street address. i assume that will get updated in the proposed permit. i also found fascinating the lead from the spring valley water company to that certain land in the vicinity of what's
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